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My frieeeeeendsssss

oh bby
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If you guys knew how stressful this semester of college was for me, you’d understand why this has been dead for quite a while. I’m sorry. I’m terrible.

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avengers1982: I love ur feet

I love that you love my feet.

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Anonymous: Naw just in general doesn't have to be your footjob.

Oh no.

I want to keep this sfw for the most part

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Anonymous: Can we get footjobs or cum on feet?

From me and my personal feet?

ahahhohohaho as if I have a boyfriend 


There’s more where that came from: mysexlifewithlola.com

I looooove red nails.


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Anonymous: Don't ask for dick pics as a joke, these guy will not hesitate to send them.

I know. That’s the exciting part.